What Investing Can Teach You About Parenting

1. You can do all the research, learn every possible tactic or strategy, and still underperform.

2. Periods of calm are often followed by periods of intense volatility.

3. There is no magic formula or everyone would use it.

4. Sometimes simplicity beats complexity.

5. No matter how much you think you’re prepared for something bad happening, you can’t know how you’ll react until you’ve gone through it.

6. Other people will often tell you of their wins, but not their losses.

7. It’s a life long endeavor not a short term fix.

8. Sometimes you have to stick to your convictions even when they don’t seem to be paying off.

9. Don’t take advice from people who don’t understand where you’re at in life.

10. You’re going to worry but you also have to know when to let go and take some risk.